The smartest buyer!


After the successful introduction in 2020 of the web challenges The smartest buyer! and The smartest purchasing team!, tonii community continues with this in the 21-22 season in collaboration with Nevi. The next (#6) is on March 22, 2022. Register for The smartest buyer! can HERE.


The smartest buyer! is based on the #toniitest played every two weeks on the Instagram account of tonii community. Per edition of The smartest buyer! eight themes (rounds) of four questions each are dealt with, which means a total of thirty-two questions.


The smartest buyer! is organized in the form of a webinar in combination with an online voting system (Mentimeter). Via the app (Mentimeter) you can - after entering a code - choose an answer. For your score, it is not only relevant whether you give in the correct answer, also the speed of answering counts. 



The winner of The smartest buyer! takes the title and 100 euros. Also the much acclaimed tonii community cake will be granted to the number 1. The numbers 2 and 3 will receive a prize of 50 and 25 euros respectively.