The smartest buying team!

After the successful introduction in 2021 of the web challenge The smartest purchasing team! tonii community continues with this unique challenge in the 2024 season in co-creation with Nevi. The next edition will take place on 14 May 2024. There are separate prizes for advisory and non-advisory firms. Choose for fun and teambuilding and register HERE


The smartest purchasing team! is organized in the form of a webinar in combination with an online voting system (Mentimeter). The challenge exists of eight themes (rounds) of four questions each, which gives a total of thirty-two questions. Via the app (Mentimeter) you can - after entering a challenge code - choose an answer (multiple choice). For your score, it is not only relevant whether you give in the correct answer, also the speed of answering counts. 


For the winning organization of The smartest purchasing team! free participation in a Nevi event is available (to be determined by Nevi) and the right to organize a workshop at that event. In addition, the winning team will receive the highly acclaimed tonii community cake! 


Most important goal from our point of view is fun for all participating teams. You are welcome to participate with your team that exists of minimum 2 and maximum 4 participants.