On the Instagram account of tonii community we play every two weeks in the stories the daily #toniitest (4x a week) on a topic that is about - or relates to - purchasing, tendering or contract management. The #toniitest is played in the form of a quiz question with four answer options (multiple choice). The questions are formulated in such a way that in many cases they can be answered on the basis of ready knowledge. But not always. In those cases, the right answer can easily be found on the internet. The purpose of the #toniitest is to test and/or learn in the Instagram way, so quick, funny and interactive!



Every now and then the #toniitest focuses on a special theme. For example, if in the week in question a circular start-up 'takes over' the Instagram account for a week with a daily contribution to the account. The questions of the #toniitest are therefore all about this circular start up and when all questions are answered at the end of the week, a prize will be raffled that will be made available by the circular start up. Such as, for example, Esmée who won a circular t-shirt in the #toniitest about easyessentials.