We are hiring!

We have vacancies for committed tonii's to help the community grow! If you can afford to spend about one hour a week to tonii community, you not only help us but also yourself and - above all - our community. Contributing is not only fun, it also helps your network to grow. And how exciting is it to be part of an innovative initiative that challenges professionals in procurement and sustainable chains to make more impact in work/life?

We offer a modest financial compensation for your efforts to contribute to the community. In addition we will donate a tree to Africa's Niger for every week you fill in one of the vacant roles. So on a yearly basis you can earn 52 trees for Niger!

Our vacancies

Our vacancy domains are the following:


1) Contentmanagement for website and e-lounge; both need actual and relevant content: the website to attract and inform people, the e-lounge to facilitate interaction and to offer content to our community members. Ofcourse allignment with our social media strategy is an important topic.


2) Management of our social network; we have members and followers via several social media channels (LinkedIn, Instagram) and via our website and e-lounge. This demands as a first step allignment and as a second step smart ideas how to organize this more effective and efficient in the future.


3) e-learning management; currently we have two e-learning courses in our e-lounge (one is operational, the other one is in concept). Organizing and making available e-learning courses is something which demands frequent attention and efforts, e.g. adding modules to an existing course. But also informing authors of new courses how things work.


4) Management and growth of our EC- and European connections; tonii community has members/followers from different European countries. Also we established contacts with the European Commission with the aim to act as a facilitator and additional channel for their sustainable, social and innovative initiatives.


Interested? Please send us a message!